Saturday, November 7, 2009

Blessing Oliver

Today was my nephew Oliver's Blessing at the Nan Tien Temple. Last year Mason had his blessing at the temple so I was really looking forward to going there again.

The weather this week has been cold and wet but when I woke up this morning 
the rain had gone and we ended up with a beautiful sunny day!


Maddy, Mason, Danielle, Oliver & Noel

Maddy & I in pink!

I really like the philosophy behind the  blessing, despite the fact that we're not Buddhists, which is a wish for the child to grow up to be a good person.  Aaron and I are thinking of having Annabelle blessed next year.

All the babies who were blessed today

Aaron, Annabelle & myself

3 Generations; my Mum, myself & Annabelle

with my Dad & his wife

Annabelle looking very cute!

After the blessing we went to a friend of Noel & Danielle's 
for afternoon tea and a swim in their pool for the children. 
Luckily it was a hot day as they'd have been disappointed if it had been too cold to swim.

The speech

The cake that Maddy decorated (with a little help)

An outfit change when it got cooler

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Demara said...

Annabelle is still cute :)