Sunday, December 27, 2009

Annabelle's first Christmas!

We had a lovely first Christmas with Annabelle, which was shared with members of my family. This year Christmas lunch was held at my place but I was fortunate that everyone chipped in and brought along at least one meal so the workload was shared by everyone. I do have a few new recipes that I tried this year which were quite successful so I'll post them later.

The weather was cooler than the previous days had been although we still needed the air conditioning on to keep us cool!

Annabelle was very spoilt by family and friends, including special friends overseas, so we're glad we resisted the urge to go crazy and only bought her one big present and three little ones.

Daddy bought Annabelle Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls

Annabelle's presents!

Annabelle's present from Mummy and Daddy!

Our pretty girl!

I hope everyone had a Christmas as lovely as ours was.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Our first ever Santa photo! We couldn't get a smile out of her but at least there were no tears!

I can't believe Annabelle is four months already! Soon I'll have to start thinking about returning to work and I hate the idea of leaving her - even part time! For now I'm just enjoying watching her develop, from her first smile to baby-talk, it's all wonderful.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Cicada Season

The drone of cicadas is one of our most recognisable sounds of summer as they are the loudest insect in the world. We've noticed that the backyard is full of their discarded skins - they're stuck to all our trees, some plants, even one of the garbage bins! Everyday we wake to find more of them.

My mother tells me that when I was a child I used to collect them and at one stage I had a suitcase full so they obviously didn't scare me! Nowadays I find the adult cicada much more attractive, especially when they're fresh out of their skin and their vein-filled translucent wings are shimmering.

So far we've only seen one adult but it's early days yet - and we can certainly hear them at dusk so I'm sure we'll be seeing more over the coming weeks.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Boys and their toys!

We had a tree in our backyard that was slowly dying so we decided the best option was to remove it now and replace it with something else.

I asked Aaron to leave part of the stump rather than grind it out so that I could put either a bird bath or a bird feeder on top - an easy request I'd have thought seeing as he is a tree lopper.

A few seconds after this photo was taken I walked away as I heard Annabelle crying through the baby monitor. After I'd finished feeding the baby I came back to find this:

Apparently it's a 'sculpture', which is funny as I'm sure all I asked for was a level stump to put something on top of! Once Aaron got the chain saw in his hands he couldn't stop himself and now I have this ugly lump of wood in my back garden... all it needs is a figurine to finish it off!

You can't get much cheesier than a garden gnome - and this one is holding a chain saw! I wonder what Aaron will say when he gets home from work and discovers it!