Thursday, December 3, 2009

Boys and their toys!

We had a tree in our backyard that was slowly dying so we decided the best option was to remove it now and replace it with something else.

I asked Aaron to leave part of the stump rather than grind it out so that I could put either a bird bath or a bird feeder on top - an easy request I'd have thought seeing as he is a tree lopper.

A few seconds after this photo was taken I walked away as I heard Annabelle crying through the baby monitor. After I'd finished feeding the baby I came back to find this:

Apparently it's a 'sculpture', which is funny as I'm sure all I asked for was a level stump to put something on top of! Once Aaron got the chain saw in his hands he couldn't stop himself and now I have this ugly lump of wood in my back garden... all it needs is a figurine to finish it off!

You can't get much cheesier than a garden gnome - and this one is holding a chain saw! I wonder what Aaron will say when he gets home from work and discovers it!

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Corinne said...

HAHAHA...I've been trying to distract Pat from getting a chainsaw for mouths. His mother thought about getting him one for Christmas…fingers crossed I changed her mind. Won’t have any trees left if he got his mitts on one.