Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Little Calendar Girl

Just before Christmas I noticed a sign at my local shopping centre stating that a photography company was taking children's portrait photographs for only $1 - of course I couldn't resist. I dressed Annabelle in a pretty yellow dress and took her to be photographed.

The catch, because there always is one, is that they took lots of photos and when I went to collect my $1 photo I had to look through the complete 'package' first - and who can say no to photos of their child looking so pretty! I won't even mention how much it cost to buy the whole package, which they let me pay in instalments, but here are some of my favourites.  

Annabelle had started smiling only a couple of days before these photos were 
taken  so I was very happy with the pictures that captured her smiling.



My favourite! So serene.



The obligatory Christmas photo!

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Demara said...

she is VERY cute! lovely shots. and only a dollar, that's great... and the catch? glad so many turned out!! hehe