Monday, March 15, 2010

Je Suis Un Rock Star

We were incredibly spoilt when Annabelle was born as people were very generous with the gifts they gave us. I've loved the outfits that were sent to me from friends overseas as they're different to what we have in the shops here but my very favourite thing of all is a mini Duran Duran t-shirt!

Anyone that really knows me will know that I have been a Duranie since back in the 80s, this blog is even named after a Duran song, so you can imagine how eager I have been for Annabelle to wear the shirt.

Today it finally fit!

My little rock chick!

Breaking out some dance moves!

Air guitar!


Anonymous said...

Annabelle le bon-bon!

Kel said...

Love love love it!!!

Kel said...

Love love love it!!!

Demara said...

WOWeey she's grown!! She is still cute :) and can't wait to hear her sing in her little tshirt, hehe