Friday, March 5, 2010

Roll Baby Roll

The week my baby reached the 6 month milestone was the week I had to return to work, thankfully only part time.

The first morning I had to leave Annabelle with a carer was incredibly difficult for me. I restrained myself as much as I possibly could but I still had to make a few phone calls throughout the day just to make sure she was okay, which of course she was.

A few weeks on and it's still heartbreaking having to go to work but we're starting to get into a routine.

I've been worried about missing out on Annabelle's 'firsts' (first word, first time she crawls etc) while I'm at work only to discover I can miss them when I'm at home too!! I was in the kitchen making Annabelle's lunch when I heard her making a funny noise, when I walked back into the room I realised she had rolled over for the first time and we had missed it - although she was stuck laying on her arm so at least we didn't miss it completely!

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