Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Celtic Festival

During the week I saw an ad on TV for a Celtic Festival in the township of Berry and decided it would make a good family outing. Berry is a lovely country town about an hour away from where we live so we decided to make a day of it.

Annabelle loved the train trip and spent most of the time looking out of the windows; somehow she missed all the cows but she thought the trees were pretty special!

We watched a lot of the traditional Celtic entertainment:- Irish Dancers, Caber Tossing and Lifting of the Stones - but when the fairground was at its noisiest, with the sounds of the pipe band, that's when Annabelle decided to have a snooze. No amount of bagpipes were going to wake her up!

After buying some Celtic jewellery and sampling the lovely Celtic food (Irish soda bread and Cornish pasties were my favourites) it was time time head back to the train station.

A good day out!

One of the many pipe bands

It may have been sunny but there was still a chill in the air!


Anonymous said...

glad you had such a wonderful time

Demara said...

Your baby is still cute. hehe