Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ollie's birthday

I went to add a new post to my blog and discovered I still had 2 unpublished posts in draft mode! Spare time seems to be pretty scarce these days, especially when I spend 3 days a week commuting to and from work. It's dark when I leave the house at 6.30am and dark when I get in at 7pm, not to mention how awful it is to be away from Annabelle for such long periods of time. 

Anyway, the first unpublished post I have is from my nephew Oliver's 1st birthday, which was at a park with little trains, which the kids loved riding (over and over again). Ollie is just adorable, such a cuddly loveable little fella who just oozes sweetness and it was nice to celebrate the day with him.

Mason, Danielle, Madeleine and Oliver

Ollie's cake was made by his clever Nanna

The kids (and some big-kids) loved riding the trains!

Mason loves Annabelle and he spent ages telling her how cute she was -
at one point he even asked Danielle if they could take her home with them!

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