Friday, July 30, 2010

Obsessed Much?

Next month our little cherub will be turning one, a milestone that must be celebrated with a party, even if it's only a small one.

Neither Aaron nor I are particularly religious so instead of a Christening or Baptism we've opted for a Blessing at  the Buddhist Temple nearby. I really love the meaning behind the Blessing; a wish that the child grows up to be a good person - you can't want more for your child than that!

The Blessing's are only held 3 times a year and luckily for us the next one is only a few weeks away from Annabelle's birthday so it's going to be a joint Blessing/1st Birthday party.

As Annabelle is my only child this is the first time I've had to plan a child's party, a scary new world of party favours, kids food and activities to plan.... my head is already reeling.

The one thing I have been sure of is the cake. Even though Annabelle won't be able to tell the difference between a mud cake and a lump of coal I have a very specific idea in my head of what I want. I never had any fancy cakes when I was growing up, and Annabelle probably won't have another party until she starts school so I don't mind being a little OTT for this birthday.

When I started looking at cakes they were mostly themes like Disney Princesses or Dora and I didn't want that as Annabelle has no idea who they are yet. One night while I was lying in bed thinking, which is where all my great ideas spring from, I decided I wanted a toadstool cake. Not just any toadstool cake, I specifically want a red and white toadstool that is made to look like a house.

The following day I searched the internet for a picture that I could take to the bakers with me but I didn't really come up with anything quite like I was picturing in my head. What I did discover is that there are quite a few pink or purple fairy toadstool cakes, although none of them actually resembled a proper toadstool!

Cake image from birthday cakes
Although this one is pretty the dimensions are all wrong. 
The top of the toadstool should be much bigger than the bottom - and the shape is all wrong!

Anyone remember reading Noddy books as a kid? 
This is the house of Big Ears and this is what I've had stuck in my head all these years.

This is the picture I took with me to the bakers - the colour is right and so is the shape,
 it just needs doors and a window, or so I thought.

After thinking I'd found the perfect cake I was disappointed to discover that once it was made it would only cut about 15 pieces. Luckily the man who is going to decorate the cake, quite an excitable young man I must say, had some good ideas of his own and it didn't take long for him to start sketching them for me. 

What I've ended up with, I think, is a grassy hill with a stream running through it and a toadstool house sitting on top. I have asked for it to look 'enchanted' so hopefully it will have butterflies, flowers and ladybirds on it. We pick up the cake next Friday, lets hope it lives up to my (obviously very high) expectations!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Meet the Watsons

Last weekend Aaron and I took Annabelle up the coast to meet family members on Aaron's side of the family, particularly his Gran who isn't well.

One bus and two trains later and we had arrived!

Annabelle, Gran and Siara

Annabelle, cousin Beau and cousin Siara

Aaron's brother Caleb

Aaron's cousin Selina and her daughter Siara

Borrowing Siara's swing - we know what to buy Annabelle for her birthday!

Oompa (Aaron's Dad), Annabelle & Gran

Gran cutting her birthday cake - she's now 85!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Exciting News

Aaron and I are very excited that there will be another little soul joining our family, the expected due date is 14th January 2011.

Due to my age I have been worried about the risk of there being an abnormality with the baby so we decided not to tell anyone I was pregnant until we'd had our scan at 12 weeks - a great idea in theory but my horrific morning sickness was a give-away to a lot of my workmates.

I've been following the guidelines regarding what to eat when you're pregnant, which means I have given up a lot of my favourite foods like smoked salmon, brie cheese, pre-prepared salads, shellfish and alcohol just to name a few! So it's typical of my luck that I (and Aaron) end up with a nasty - and I mean nasty - case of food poisoning the day before I was due to have my scan.

I really didn't want to reschedule the scan so went along anyway and figured if I was sick in the waiting room I could pass it off as morning sickness - thankfully I made it there and back without embarassing myself.

The good news is the scan went well, as much as they can tell at this point anyway, so I feel like I can finally exhale the breath that I seem to have been holding for weeks now and start to enjoy the pregnancy.

Side view of bubba

Bubba kicking up its heels

I can't see it but apparently this is bubba's face...

Looks like Bubba has the same long legs Annabelle has!