Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Exciting News

Aaron and I are very excited that there will be another little soul joining our family, the expected due date is 14th January 2011.

Due to my age I have been worried about the risk of there being an abnormality with the baby so we decided not to tell anyone I was pregnant until we'd had our scan at 12 weeks - a great idea in theory but my horrific morning sickness was a give-away to a lot of my workmates.

I've been following the guidelines regarding what to eat when you're pregnant, which means I have given up a lot of my favourite foods like smoked salmon, brie cheese, pre-prepared salads, shellfish and alcohol just to name a few! So it's typical of my luck that I (and Aaron) end up with a nasty - and I mean nasty - case of food poisoning the day before I was due to have my scan.

I really didn't want to reschedule the scan so went along anyway and figured if I was sick in the waiting room I could pass it off as morning sickness - thankfully I made it there and back without embarassing myself.

The good news is the scan went well, as much as they can tell at this point anyway, so I feel like I can finally exhale the breath that I seem to have been holding for weeks now and start to enjoy the pregnancy.

Side view of bubba

Bubba kicking up its heels

I can't see it but apparently this is bubba's face...

Looks like Bubba has the same long legs Annabelle has!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with it all, you'll have your work cut out. Just make sure you don't overdo it okay??

Demara said...

what?! again? you go girl... how is this possible? :) is it a boy?? hehe