Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Birthday cake

Here's a couple of pics from Annabelle's actual birthday!

When Annabelle had her birthday party (two weeks before her actual birthday) there was so much cake left over I was able to freeze the toadstool to use again on her birthday - with the addition of some freshly baked cupcakes and decorations!

Daddy giving Annabelle her first taste of cupcake!

More please!

I was very excited about Annabelle's first birthday but it seemed to last a long time, mainly because we celebrated it early in conjunction with her Baby Blessing. In a matter of weeks we've had Annabelle's Blessing, Annabelle's two birthday celebrations, my birthday, my nieces birthday plus I threw a baby shower for my sister in law!!! I am hoping September is going to be much quieter!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy First Birthday Miss Annabelle

This time last year I was in labour awaiting the birth of my much longed for first baby. I say I was in 'labour' but really there wasn't much work involved as I was given an epidural (I had hypertension so they wanted to keep my blood pressure down) so I didn't really feel any contractions or pain until it was time to push (I know, I shouldn't really admit that should I).

The whole experience was quite calm and peaceful - until the vacuum extraction which ruined the pain-free experience I'd had up to that point!!

Annabelle was born on 26 August 2009 at 5.32pm...

...and weighed 2710 grams (5.9 pounds)!

Happy First Birthday Miss Annabelle Suellen! What joy she brings to our lives.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lots of lovely

Once upon a time I used to be very crafty and my spare time was spent scrapbooking, card-making, cross stitching, knitting and even crocheting. All this of course was in the pre-Annabelle days as these days I barely have time for the basics, like housework!

While I don't have time at the moment for making things myself I still love anything handmade - anyone can walk into a shop and buy a card or present but to take the time to make it yourself, now that's special!

Here's a few lovely website's that I've come across lately:

icklekids - travel toys for baby

Flirty Bird

I think I might have to buy these as they're called 'Annabelle snap clips'

Friday, August 13, 2010

'B' for Belly

When I was pregnant with Annabelle I was disappointed that I never got a lovely big baby belly, in fact I looked as though I had two bellies, an upper and a lower bisected by my waistline. Most people didn't even know I was pregnant, I just looked as though I'd been eating too much junk food (I hadn't been).

I vowed this time would be different.

Next Friday I will be half way through my pregnancy and sure enough the dreaded 'B' shaped belly is back!  Side on there is a distinct indentation around the waistline leaving me looking lumpy not pregnant. I am so envious of my sister in law's gorgeous round 'D' shaped belly, but then with all of her pregnancies she's had a beautiful baby belly - I bet no one ever says to her 'you don't look pregnant' or 'are you sure you're eating enough'?

I look at the maternity clothes in the shops but I can't buy them as the stretchy tops just make me look porky, not really the look I was hoping for!

All I can hope for now is that as the uterus expands upwards the two bellies will morph into one lovely big round baby belly and people will stop looking at me in disbelief when I tell them I am pregnant.

There's always hope. 

Monday, August 9, 2010

"The Cake"

I have quite a few pictures to post from Annabelle's Baby Blessing /1st Birthday party but they won't be going up until I get copies from the relatives that took them!

I do however have a couple of pics of the cake, the one I obsessed over and spent a fortune on.

Here they are!

Toadstool Cake!

So was it over the top? Definitely.

Did it look fabulous? It did.

Does it taste good? It does.

Would I be this extravagant again? Absolutely!