Friday, August 13, 2010

'B' for Belly

When I was pregnant with Annabelle I was disappointed that I never got a lovely big baby belly, in fact I looked as though I had two bellies, an upper and a lower bisected by my waistline. Most people didn't even know I was pregnant, I just looked as though I'd been eating too much junk food (I hadn't been).

I vowed this time would be different.

Next Friday I will be half way through my pregnancy and sure enough the dreaded 'B' shaped belly is back!  Side on there is a distinct indentation around the waistline leaving me looking lumpy not pregnant. I am so envious of my sister in law's gorgeous round 'D' shaped belly, but then with all of her pregnancies she's had a beautiful baby belly - I bet no one ever says to her 'you don't look pregnant' or 'are you sure you're eating enough'?

I look at the maternity clothes in the shops but I can't buy them as the stretchy tops just make me look porky, not really the look I was hoping for!

All I can hope for now is that as the uterus expands upwards the two bellies will morph into one lovely big round baby belly and people will stop looking at me in disbelief when I tell them I am pregnant.

There's always hope. 


Anonymous said...

that sounds strange, but maybe you will get your pre pregnancy shape back quicker

Photography said...

I guess sit is something that you just don't have control over. Don't worry too much about what people think (hehe says me who is the BIGGEST worrier of all times...) as long You and Your Bubby are safe, happy and well just enjoy this time in your life :-)
I think the people who have been in disbelief are rude for showing it (even if they thought it) People can be insensitive! Maybe you could get one of those tops that say "Bun in the oven" etc? :-) Then you wouldn't have to say anything. I wish you well in your pregnancy and birth - how long have you to go?

Carolyn said...

I'm finally at the half way point - around 19 weeks to go...
I have been checking out The Clip Cafe shop at and I think I will definitely be buying some goodies from there in the future!