Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Birthday cake

Here's a couple of pics from Annabelle's actual birthday!

When Annabelle had her birthday party (two weeks before her actual birthday) there was so much cake left over I was able to freeze the toadstool to use again on her birthday - with the addition of some freshly baked cupcakes and decorations!

Daddy giving Annabelle her first taste of cupcake!

More please!

I was very excited about Annabelle's first birthday but it seemed to last a long time, mainly because we celebrated it early in conjunction with her Baby Blessing. In a matter of weeks we've had Annabelle's Blessing, Annabelle's two birthday celebrations, my birthday, my nieces birthday plus I threw a baby shower for my sister in law!!! I am hoping September is going to be much quieter!


Anonymous said...

I don't suppose there are any of those cupcakes in the post to me are there **grins**??

Demara said...

woh that cake looks good! :)