Monday, August 16, 2010

Lots of lovely

Once upon a time I used to be very crafty and my spare time was spent scrapbooking, card-making, cross stitching, knitting and even crocheting. All this of course was in the pre-Annabelle days as these days I barely have time for the basics, like housework!

While I don't have time at the moment for making things myself I still love anything handmade - anyone can walk into a shop and buy a card or present but to take the time to make it yourself, now that's special!

Here's a few lovely website's that I've come across lately:

icklekids - travel toys for baby

Flirty Bird

I think I might have to buy these as they're called 'Annabelle snap clips'


Photography said...

Love all your picks - especially the Annabelle Snaps! They are pretty Thanks for including our Owl Hair clip Holder :-)

Nadiah said...

These are all really nice. I much prefer supporting these kinds of lovingly hand-crafted things than the mass-produced sweatshop items we usually find at the shops.

Carolyn said...

I agree Nadiah, buying hand-crafted things also means the items are more unique than mass produced store-bought products.

I couldn't resist buying the Owl Hair Clip holder from The Clip Cafe, which I spied a few days ago, plus a few other pretties as well!

life in a pink fibro said...

I have never been crafty and am an avid follower (and buyer) of all things crafty - thanks for sharing!