Thursday, September 16, 2010

Annabelle's Baby Blessing

As promised I am going to post some long-overdue pictures from Annabelle's Baby Blessing at the Nan Tien Buddhist Temple in Berkeley.

Nan Tien, the name means "Paradise of the Southern Hemisphere', is dominated by a three tired Pagoda which contains three shrines lines with more than 10,000 Buddhas, magnificent gardens, meditation hall and a museum. I really love going to the temple as it has such a tranquil feel to it.

 The Great Hero Wall - the 5 Buddhas mean Confidence, Longevity, Wisdom, Inner Beauty and Calmness.

]Prayer and Wishes for Baby Blessing  ]
Oh, Great Compassionate Buddha!
Today we gathered before you for the Baby Blessing Ceremony.
We pray that under your compassionate guidance and protection,
May these children;
Be free from harm and enjoy a healthy body and mind;
Meet with favourable conditions so that they may grow up with stability and peace
Be intelligent and enjoy learning without difficulties;
Be blessed with good virtues and fortunes, and be loved by all.

Oh, Great Compassionate Buddha!
Please allow them to feel gratitude in their hearts
So that they may cherish the sacrifices others have made;
Allow them to be virtuous and be able to contribute and bring benefit to society;
May they nurture proper beliefs and hold correct views and thoughts.

We really liked the meaning behind the Baby Blessing,  which is why we chose it over a more traditional Christening or Baptism, and I think the Prayer is really lovely.

Annabelle receiving her Blessing

All the babies who were Blessed with Annabelle

Annabelle's Certificate

with my Dad, Annabelle's Grandad

The gorgeous Blessing cake made by Annabelle's very talented day-care Mum!


Jasmine said...

This looks beautiful, what a wonderful idea!

Nadiah said...

That is a really lovely prayer. I'm surprised to hear that Buddhists have a baby blessing ritual too. I wonder if this is another of those universal things, like incense?