Monday, September 13, 2010

Watch out world, here I come!

In the last couple of days Annabelle has started pulling herself upright by clinging to the furniture. At this stage she's still weight-bearing on the tip of her toes so she still has some way to go but we're excited by her progress - especially as she's not crawling properly yet and is still 'commando' crawling!

I have a feeling she'll skip proper crawling and go straight for walking!


Anonymous said...

Nia-Victoria crawled and then started walking around the furniture, then all of a sudden it was one step and then loads more and now she's on the go all the time. She hates being confined to a stroller now and we have to go out on reins..........complete with her handbag!!!!

Demara said...

Congrats on your little monkey! :) Love her smile.