Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Blue Mountains

A few months ago I decided we needed a long weekend away, or a mini-break as I like to call it.

We'd had a few hectic months what with birthdays, Blessings and baby showers and seeing as we have another baby due at the end of the year we decided we should have a weekend away while we still can!

My sister in law Danielle was due to have her baby in mid-September so we booked our 4 day break for the first weekend in September, giving us plenty of time to be back in time for the birth (the due date was mid-September) - or so we thought!

Aaron and I were initially undecided as to where to spend the weekend and we were leaning towards a resort called Bannisters, which is down the coast, mostly because we discovered English chef Rick Stein has a restaurant there (thanks to pay-TV we have seen every episode of every series more than once).

In the end we decided to spend the weekend in the mountains rather than by the sea and so a booking at a gorgeous place called 'Secret Garden Cottage' was made.

Finally our weekend rolled around and our early morning departure was greeted with heavy rain, things were not looking good.  My lovely Dad took us to the train station so we didn't get soaked and thankfully it was only sprinkling at the other end so we arrived at the cottage nice and dry.

Once we had a look around we understood why the cottage was called 'Secret Garden', there were so many nooks and crannies to investigate with seating areas and fish ponds nestled away amongst the greenery.

Aaron lit the fire, which Annabelle thought was fantastic, and we settled in for the night. The following morning we explored the Blue Mountains, despite the strong winds, and finished up at the Three Sisters - which was just as impressive as I remembered from my childhood.

Day 1 - we had rain.

Day 2 - we had gale force winds.

Day 3 - we had glorious sunshine but we didn't get much of a chance to enjoy it as we had to leave a day early as my sister in law had baby Matilda two weeks earlier than her due date!

On our first night Aaron lit a fire, which enthralled Annabelle

The stunning back garden

A beautiful spot to have breakfast

Annabelle & Daddy

Mummy, Annabelle & the Baby Bump

The stunning Blue Mountains

The Three Sisters

Afternoon tea at the Three Sisters

I loved the old fashioned high chair - it works better than our modern one!

Miss Annabelle enjoying the train ride home.

The reason for our early departure, the very gorgeous Matilda Louise

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Anonymous said...

what a glorious place....didn't look too bad weather. Nia-Victoria has not been on a train yet, I am hoping that Joshua and I are going to be able to take her on one soon. She gets very excited on the bus I dread to think what she will be like on the train!