Thursday, October 21, 2010

What's In a Name

Aaron and I have approximately 10 weeks to go until the new addition to the family arrives. That means there’s only 10 weeks left for us to come up with names that we both like.

Sounds easy doesn’t it.

It isn’t.

We’ve recently settled into a ritual, usually just before we go to sleep, where I run a bunch of names by him and he says no, no, no. Then he suggests a few back to me, usually something silly and to do with fishing like Snapper or Trout, at which point I say no and then I get told to be quiet and go to sleep.

Are you starting to get the picture?

These are just some of the names Aaron has said no to:

Girls                                                     Boys
Bethany                                               William
Grace                                                   James
Sophie                                                  Liam
Amelia                                                  Connor
Heather                                                Thomas
Fiona                                                    Duncan
Ava                                                     Lucas
Raewyn                                                Mathew
Marae                                                  Buster
Elisabeth                                              Angus
Stella                                                   Edward
Claire                                                   Harry
Olivia                                                   Joshua
Mackenzie                                            Riley
Abbey                                                 Finley or Finn
Gabrielle                                              Austin
Piper                                                   Bailey

I wouldn't mind all the 'no's' if I was given an alternative or even a short list of a few names but so far he hasn't come up with any girls names and the only boys name he likes is Freddie (or is it Freddy???)

Not Frederick, not Fred, just Freddie.

And he won't budge. 

Of course he we made the mistake of telling people Freddie is on our shortlist of boys names and the usual response is: 'You're not serious are you?' or 'You can't do that to a child'.

And still he won't budge. In fact he's now referring to the bump as Freddie.

As for girls names we don't even have a shortlist. Nothing, Nada, none.... zip, zero, zilch!!!

Name suggestions please as I've run out of ideas???


Anonymous said...

there is a Freddie in Joshua's year.

what can I suggest

well if it was me......and it won't be be ever if this body of mine is any judge of things. I always wanted Vienna for a girl and for a boy.....well boys names are a lot more complicated but I really like Zachary, and I like Oliver but the nicest name I've heard of recently is Raefe!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love Harry!!