Tuesday, January 18, 2011

...and then there were two!

As you can see from the previous post Evelyn Grace joined our family on the 29th December 20010 and we are feeling pretty blessed to have our two wonderful girls.

The birth was pretty uneventful (thankfully), however afterwards I developed several blood clots in my legs, which are really painful and will take a few more weeks to disappear - I have to give myself two needles every evening so I will be pleased when I don't have to do that anymore.

Most of the nurses who looked after me were fantastic but my hospital experience was a little disappointing as they were understaffed - 13 patients and only 2 nurses on duty - so I came home earlier than planned.

Here's some pics of our gorgeous new addition!

All over with! Tired but happy! A big thank you to my sister-in-law Danielle who 
supported us throughout the delivery (Aaron is v. squeamish so I was glad she was there)

One day old!

Annabelle meeting her sister for the first time!

Posing with two of her Mummy's hand made rattles from Annabelle and Fred 

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Photography said...

CONGRATS!!!!! Oh so glad all went well and hope you are feeling on top soon and the clots are gone, no more needles. She is just darling!!! Lovely pics thanks so much for sharing.