Thursday, February 24, 2011

The best job ever.

There are quite a few blogs that I subscribe to and they tend to fall into two categories, people who blog about their family or people who blog about craft - and there's some who blog about both!

I like love reading about how other people are coping with the day-to-day difficulties of raising a family, particularly when it's done with humour. We all face challenges whether it be time management (especially for working Mums), monetary concerns, health issues... there's always something going on when you have children and it's good to know you're not the only one who has days when the dishes aren't done and the washing needs folding!

When I was pregnant with Annabelle everyone spoke about how wonderful being a parent is (and it is) but I wish more people spoke about how hard it is, particularly the first 6-8 weeks, as I think I would have been better prepared. With your first child it takes some adjusting to get used to the lack of sleep - and Annabelle was a fussy feeder who fed every 3 hours so there wasn't a lot of sleep between feeds. 

On one of our first visits our paediatrician told us that he didn't know why Annabelle had colic but he guaranteed it would pass before she was 6 months old - and he was right. 

We now have another baby in the house who has colic, and Evelyn's is worse than Annabelle's ever was, but we're coping better the second time around as we know what to expect - lots of crying and very little sleep!

According to the experts colic usually occurs mostly in the afternoons and evenings, however in Evie's case it starts at night and goes until the early hours of the morning - we've even had a few occasions where I have spent the night pacing with Evelyn and haven't been to bed until 7 or 8am but it usually eases around 3am (and then I'm back up at 6am with Annabelle). 

Which leads me to my theory about why babies start to smile around the six week mark - when sleep deprivation is finally starting to take its toll these little cherubs reward you with one of their smiles, which is just the boost you need and it makes all those late nights worthwhile.

My favourite post this week was over at So Now What, a humorous tale about children's birthday parties - as Annabelle is making friends at day care it won't be long before we'll be attending parties like the one's mentioned so at least I have been pre-warned about what to expect!

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