Thursday, March 17, 2011

EucoFresh Product Review and giveaway

Staying clean is a costly business. I do at least two loads of washing a day which works out to be a minimum of 14 loads a week. What with a partner working as a tree lopper who gets covered in sawdust and sap plus two children, an 18 month and a ten week old it's also a pretty messy business. 

I certainly know my way around a washing machine so when I was asked to review Bosisto's EucoFresh laundry powder I readily agreed - value for money, especially with a family is worth looking into.
The first thing I noticed was the lovely scent of eucalyptus - it just smelt clean and fresh. I normally use a powder suitable for sensitive skin to wash the girls clothes and as EucoFresh has no insoluble particles it's suitable for use by allergy prone people and didn't irritate my girls skin.
The Pros
Environmentally friendly
Low Allergenic so suitable for people with sensitive skin
Grey Water Friendly so it's kind to plants and soil 
No synthetic perfumes or dyes so the scent doesn't compete with my fabric softener
Suitable for use in front or top loaders due to the low foam output
Ultra concentrate  - approximately 40 washes per 1.5 kg box
Cost friendly at approximately 22 cents per wash

The Cons
Actually I only found one - at the moment it is only sold at Woolworths supermarkets and some independent stores, such as IGA (I normally shop at Coles). 
It's also worth noting that I used EucoFresh in my soaking bucket, as I had run out of Napisan, and my daughters bibs and white shirts came out clean. 
The most important thing though is it cleaned my clothes, even hubby's filthy work clothes, really well and I will definitely be using it again!
More information about EucoFresh is available from the FGB Natural Products website.
Now for the giveaway:
  • The giveaway is open to Australian residents only.
  • Leave a comment to enter. You may only enter once.
  • Entries close at 5pm 31st March 2011.
  • The winner will be drawn via Random Number Generator 
  • Winners will be announced on this blog post after 5pm on the 31st March and notified by email. 
  • Good luck!!
2nd April 2011
Congratulations to 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9
I will be emailing you shortly for your address details. 


Anonymous said...

My fiancé works as a ceramic tiler, so this stuff is perfect! I LOVE the smell of eucalyptus!! :)

Anonymous said...

I’ve entered to win the Bosisto’s giveaway.
cheers Celia

Anonymous said...

Next time I am in Woolworths I will have to keep an eye out for it. I used to be a stoic dynamo girl but find I will try anything affordable and eco friendly at least once.

Philthy said...

I love the smell of eucalyptus, and although I don't usually shop at woolworths I'll have to keep an eye out for it next time I'm in one.

¸¸.•¨¯`♥ Dusty ♥´¯¨•.¸¸ said...

I paint and sketch in my spare time (not that I have a lot) so I'm always keen to try something that might really clean my clothes.

Julie said...

Would love to try it & see how it goes with Holly's eczema skin!

Danielle said...

I think this could be good for all my sensitive bubba's. Would be great to see if it was gentle on their skin.

Fiona said...

Always happy to try something new!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to try this too! Jane