Monday, March 21, 2011

Oh My Goodness, the Chips!

Anyone remember the ad on TV where the woman leaves a deep fryer of chips unattended to answer the phone? The catchphrase of the ad was 'oh my goodness, the chips!' - her response when the house starts to fill with smoke - and a phrase still frequently heard today.

A few days ago we had our own 'oh my goodness, the chips!' moment when Aaron burnt his hand, quite badly as it happens.

Aaron has slowly taken over most of the cooking in our house as it's something he really enjoys, and I'm happy not to have to think about what to cook each night. Last Wednesday I decided to cook dinner to give him a break so I made him a lovely farmhouse chicken casserole, which I planned to serve with some fresh veggies, including mashed potato.

I have to point out that Aaron doesn't eat a lot of veggies unless they're baked and he eats very little mashed potato (I mean who doesn't like mashed potato!) so he decided he'd make home made hot chips to have with his meal.

I had just finished putting Annabelle to bed when I heard a yell followed quickly by a crash. I made a dash into the kitchen to see Aaron with his hand under running water and oil all over the floor, he was obviously in agony. Of course he refused to go to the hospital, despite it being less than 10 minutes walk away, and also to the Doctor. The following afternoon he finally went to the chemist for some dressings and cream and the hand is now starting to heal!

So what happened?  As Aaron was taking the saucepan off the stove the handle completely broke away from the pan splashing his hand with oil. By the time the floor was cleaned (I used 1 roll of paper towel, 2 hand towels and mopped twice to remove all the oil) neither of us felt like dinner.

The moral of the story - eat your vegetables!

Day 2: more blisters appearing


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Ow! That is impressive. I hope it doesn't pop - that would sting! Nice to find your blog through wordless Wednesday.