Sunday, May 15, 2011

On the Road Again...

I'm going mad.

I'm sure I am.

Why? We're moving. Again.

Quick recap for the newbies: Bought a bigger house when I was 8 months pregnant (what fun it was to pack/move), sold bigger house after less than 12 months after Aaron was made redundant. Decided to rent for a while to have a break from mortgage stress and now 12 months later we are moving again...

There's a big difference between moving when you're single, moving when you're a couple and moving when you have children.

We have stuff. We have so much stuff.

We have toys. Lots of toys.

We have toys that you ride on, toys that sing songs, toys that make noises, toys that have buttons to push, toys that get pulled along and toys that you slide down!

Our girls have been spoilt by our lovely friends and family but now all of these gifts have to be boxed and moved to a new (as yet undecided location).

Packing with a toddler present is a trial in itself. I put things in the box, Annabelle takes them back out again... I keep finding things that I have 'packed' in the oddest places and things that aren't being packed are found in boxes as I am sealing them (so that's where my toothbrush has gone).

With a few short weeks to go we haven't found a new home nor are we anywhere near being packed!

Just seal everything up and move it as is says my Mother, which would be great if it was feasible but our kitchenware are in cupboards that get left behind, same goes for our clothing, which are in built in wardrobes and all the linen in the linen press! I know she's trying to be helpful so I bite my tongue and for once don't respond with any sarcastic comments.

So now that my coffee break is over I'm off to try packing up some kitchenware - my last attempt ended with Annabelle breaking 2 mugs after clinking them together while saying cheers.

Ah well, it's 2 less to pack I guess!

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Anonymous said...

OMG, again.......oh well hopefully you will get somewhere more permanent soon. Send me your new address as and when