Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Slow Cooking

As far as seasons go this is my favourite time of year.

The oppressive heat of summer has passed and we're not yet into the really cold winter days.

Although the mornings are chilly the days are mostly still filled with sunshine, making it a good time to be outdoors.

Another one of my reasons for loving this time of year is the change in what I cook, gone are the light summer salads to be replaced with heartier meals.

Hello slow cooker!

I find one of the main problems of cooking is the timing - between 5 and 7 is pretty hectic in our house as there are meals to cook, (ours and Annabelle's), then there's bath time, story time and finally bed time - and somewhere in the middle of that Evelyn normally needs a bottle!

About 7 years ago I became a vegaquarian - no meat but occasionally fish - so the slow cooker was packed away in the cupboard. When I became pregnant with Annabelle I craved meat and by the end of the pregnancy I was once again eating meat.

A couple of weeks ago I dug out my slow cooker and now I remember why I like them so much - everything is so easy.

As we are moving in a few weeks time my days are spent packing up the house, leaving little time for anything else. I love being able to throw everything into one pot and leave it to cook itself, it's simple, tasty and the whole house smells yummy.

I picked up some slow cooker recipe bases at the supermarket and so far we've tried four different meals - two we would definitely try again.  I've also used the slow cooker to make a chicken and barley soup, which even Annabelle enjoyed, so if anyone has any good slow cooker recipes they'd like to share feel free to pass them on to me.

Mmmmmm, this is yummy!

Look Mum, I can feed myself. Sort of.

Here you go, I've had enough now.

There's even enough for our cat!

5.7.11 - Not only have we finally moved house but the chilly winter weather has also arrived - and looks set to stick around. We've been without the internet for more than 2 weeks so it was a relief to be back online today (and I discovered this post still sitting in draft format).

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Fiona said...

I prefer Winter to Summer but Autumn is my favourite time of year.

I haven't used my crock pot in ages but I normally just throw in whatever veggies I have in the fridge along with a cheap cut of meat and let it cook on low for about 8 hours - perfection!