Monday, August 1, 2011

Feed the Birds

My Mum often throws stale bread over her balcony to feed the birds, and Annabelle loves watching them eat the crumbs. Normally it's only sparrows, doves, honey eaters and willy wagtails that appear but over the last few days she's been visited by some lovely rainbow lorikeets - who made their first appearance looking water logged after several days of heavy rain.

Today Annabelle threw some bread out for the birds (some of which didn't get any further than her mouth) and was rewarded with the lorikeet's landing on the railing only a few feet away from her.  I managed to hand-feed one of them but the other one was too shy to come that close to me.

It would be lovely if they became regular visitors to the yard.


Fiona said...

Oh my gosh, aren't they pretty! We don't have anything like that here!

Anonymous said...

They are so pretty!!