Friday, November 4, 2011


There are some donkeys in a paddock near where Annabelle and Evelyn go to day care and Annabelle often asks me if we can stop so she can pat them (bit difficult when you're on a bus).

We've had some rainy weather lately so when the sun came out I finally took the girls up to see the donkeys.

It didn't take long for the donkeys to realise we had carrots and they slowly trotted up to the fence to get them - the closer they got to us the further away from the fence Annabelle got!

It took some coaxing but eventually she came back to the fence and patted the donkeys, although she was too scared to feed them. Annabelle kept asking me about the talking donkey and I had no idea what she meant and then I realised she'd been watching Shrek with my Mum and was referring to Donkey!

Evelyn fell asleep in the stroller just before we got to the donkeys and didn't wake up again until we were almost home, which is typical of her, but Annabelle really enjoyed herself - and keeps asking when we can go back!

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