Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Crafting with the kids!

Since I started doing Family Day Care I have had lots of fun finding new crafts do to with the children. Here are a couple of my favourites.

Where possible I try and tie in the craft with the story that I have read to the children that day. Recently I read a lovely story to the children called The littlest lighthouse keeper and then afterwards I showed the children how to make their own lighthouse.

The kids really enjoyed this craft and it was also a way for me to teach the kids about shapes as the lighthouse is made from rectangles, circles, a square and a triangle.

To make this you need
1 white rectangle, 22cm by 8cm (lighthouse base)
3 red rectangles, 2.5cm  by 8cm (lighthouse stripes)
1 blue rectangle, 2.5cm by 10cm (walkway at top)
1 red square, 8cm by 8cm (top of lighthouse where windows will go)
1 red triangle, 8cm, you can cut a small section of the top off so it’s flat instead of a point (roof of lighthouse)
1 blue rectangle, 2.5cm by 5cm (lighthouse door at base)
4 small circles, about 1cm each (one for the door and one for three of the stripes)
3 small yellow rectangles, 1cm by 2.5cm

Have the children glue the red stripes to the lighthouse at equal intervals. The red stripes will each have one yellow circle glued in the middle.

Center the small blue rectangle at the bottom of the lighthouse base and attach it with glue. Place a yellow circle toward the top of the door and glue it in place.

Place the blue rectangle at the top of the lighthouse base and glue it in place. Glue the small red rectangle to underside of the top of the blue oval. The three small rectangles will be glued to this rectangle. Add the triangle shape and glue it at the top. This completes the lighthouse craft!

I found the idea for this craft here

The other craft that has been a big hit with the kids is hand and footprint art.

These are our handprint octopus

Handprint jellyfish

Footprint butterfly

Here are the instructions for the footprint butterfly

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