Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Making mud pies

Annabelle and Evelyn were given a water table toy for Christmas that had the line 'just add dirt' written on the box- needless to say I wasn't very keen on that idea!

Seeing as the girls don't know what a mud pie is anyway they were happy enough to use the toy with water, until they had a play date with their cousin!

We were all playing outside when I noticed the water in the water table had turned a murky brown colour.

Of course no one admitted they were responsible for the muddy mess until I spotted my nephew Mason nicking dirt from my strawberry patch:

Look at that cheeky grin!

Annabelle and Mason having some not so clean fun

They also snuck some balls onto the trampoline - they didn't last long though as I was worried they'd sprain an ankle if they landed on one of them!

Annabelle loves playing with her cousins and gets very excited when she sees them.

While all the mischief was being made Evie played with the bikes.

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