Sunday, April 15, 2012

Johnson's No More Tangles - Product Review

I was recently given some Johnson's No More Tangles products to try and I have to say I was really pleased with the results.

Toddler hair washing in our house tends to be stressful as Annabelle panics that soap will run into her eyes and sting, which happened once when she was very little and unfortunately she hasn't forgotten about it!

Annabelle has the type of hair that knots and tangles easily, and being a toddler she is a messy eater so food frequently ends up in her hair, particularly around her face. Between the tangles and the tears brushing Annabelle's hair is not much fun!

All that has changed since we started using Johnson's No More Tangles as the formula really does make the hair easy to comb. Not only is Annabelle's hair beautiful and shiny but it is so much more manageable now - she actually asks me if she can brush her hair herself - and best of all it doesn't hurt her eyes when her hair is being washed.

We use the detangling spray as part of our morning routine and also whenever Annabelle's hair needs some help to get the knots out.

I definitely recommend the No More Tangles three step routine for manageable, silky, baby-soft hair.

Happily brushing her own hair

... and now the other side.

No knots and no tangles!

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Joanie said...

Your girl is growing up quickly! I remember the nightmare of bath time and hair washing and it's not fun. Glad you found something to make life a little easier.