Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mother's Day

I've had a few posts sitting here in draft mode and I decided I either had to finish them off or delete them!

I think it's a bit late to post the Easter pics but Mother's Day was only last month so here they are:

First stop was morning tea at the lovely Kiama.

The iconic Kiama blow hole 

After leaving Kiama we headed to Gerroa for a picnic lunch and a walk on the beach. 

Grandad and Annabelle collecting shells

Evie's first visit to the beach

You wouldn't know it from these pictures but the weather changed pretty quickly and by the time we got home a storm had arrived - we walked inside the front door just as the rain came down!

I had a lovely Mother's Day with my girls.

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Fiona said...

Gorgeous pictures,as always.