Sunday, June 3, 2012


Last weekend I had to deal with a miserable 2 year old because a grown up broke their promise to take her to McDonalds for lunch (or 'the Donalds' as she calls it).

Annabelle was excited at the thought of going out for the day and then sad when it got to lunch time and it became obvious she wasn't going anywhere. It broke my heart to see her so upset, especially when one phone call in the morning would have changed how we spent our day.

I promised Annabelle that I would take her, and Evie, to McDonalds this weekend and yesterday I kept my promise.

Cheeseburger and chips, yummo!

After shopping it was coffee time for Mum and a
mushroom tart for Annabelle

As Evie slept in the stroller there was time for a quick ride

Waiting patiently at the bus stop

Dandelion fun on the way home

She was baffled by this

We walked inside our front gate just as the rain started

We all had a lovely day.

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