Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Moving forward

There have been lots of adjustments in the house recently, changing from a two-parent family to being a single parent hasn't exactly been easy going.

The first few weeks were the worst as Annabelle constantly asked for her Dad or wanted to know where he was, Evie being younger didn't seem as distressed as Annabelle was.

Fast-forward a few months and we seem to have settled into a rhythm that works for us, and I have discovered that routine is the key to keeping us moving forward. The problem with working from home is that there are people coming to the house every morning so there's no going to bed leaving dishes in the sink or the floor not vacuumed (looking after 5 children each day you can imagine the messy floors).

Once everyone has gone home we have dinner together then it's bath time, book and bed for the girls. By the time I have cleaned up and had a shower I'm too tired to do much else so my clean laundry pile seems to be growing higher every day, thankfully it's hidden away in my bedroom so no one sees it but me!

Of course the distraction that social media brings probably doesn't help me get my laundry done but I figure I'm entitled to a little bit of 'me' time at the end of the day!

Probably the biggest change that I've made is that I make sure I take the girls somewhere over the weekend. Monday to Thursday they share me with other children so on the weekend we go to a park, a play area or even just to the shops for a wander around and a donut.

The girls really enjoy it and so do I.

It's our time together.

 Eating her treat at the shops

I love how Evie pokes her tongue out when she is happy or excited

She may only be 18 months old but Evie knows where to put the money in to make the ride go

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bosistos Giveaway

Bosisto's is one of Australia's oldest brands. This family-owned company has been around since 1852 and they remain one of our most iconic brands. There would be few households in Australia that didn't have one of their products in the house.

One of my favourite Bosisto's products is the Eucalyptus Spray. As a day care Mum I have up to 7 children in my house each day so you can imagine the dirt that gets left behind, not to mention the germs! At the end of the day I spray it over the kids toys and the door handles and it gives me peace of mind knowing it kills
99.99% of germs, not to mention giving the house a lovely fresh smell.

Another favourite use for the Eucalyptus Spray is to use it as a pre-wash spray to remove stains from the kids clothes. Even stubborn stains come out in the wash after I have used the Eucalyptus spray.

Before wash (spaghetti stains)

After wash

To celebrate 160 years of Bosisto’s in Australia  one lucky Ordinary World reader will win a massive Bosisto’s prize pack valued at $160. It is filled with Bosisto’s favourites for you and your home. A handy ‘hints & tips’ is included so you can really get even more out of your eucalyptus products.

For your chance to win simply visit and then come back here and tell me which product you would most like to try.

Please leave your comment below, including an email address so I can contact you. The competition ends 29th July 2012 at 5pm. 

Competition open to Australian residents only

Edit 29th July 5.10pm

The winner, chosen by, is Kim Morgan. Kim could you please send me your contact details so I can pass them on to Bosisto's. 

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sleepy heads

Most nights at least one of the girls has started sleeping in my bed, and some nights it's both of them.

I used to take them back to their own bed but now I don't bother, I figure they're only little for such a short period of time so I should make the most of the snuggles while I can.

My little sleepy heads waking up

Morning Mummy