Thursday, October 18, 2012

5 Minutes Peace

At Annabelle's bedtime last night we were walking down the hallway hand-in-hand when she looked up at me and said 'you're my best friend' and then she gave me her best smile.

It was one  of those moments as a parent that makes your heart sing.

Some days being a single parent is really hard, especially when the input from the girls father amounts to a 2-hour visit once a fortnight.

There are days when I am so exhausted I start nodding off as soon as the girls are in bed, and thankfully there are other days when I am able to relax and watch a favourite TV show (Homeland, The Good Wife) without falling asleep.

Last night I tucked Annabelle into bed, read her a story and then reached over to turn off her lamp. As I was doing this her sweet little voice said 'I'll stay in my bed all night Mummy so you can go and eat your dinner in peace'.

And so I did.


Allan said...

That's sweet carolyn. Just gotta love the things little kids come out with.

Anonymous said...

Awaiting more posts!