Tuesday, October 9, 2012

In The Picture

I was recently trying to find a photo of myself with the girls when I realised I have less than 5 decent photos of us together.

The fault is mostly mine as I am normally behind the camera rather than in front of it and even if I'm not the photographer I don't normally volunteer for pictures.

I have several friends who also avoid the camera and I suspect their reasons are similar to mine; we now have a post-baby body, there's less time for hairdressers and none at all for make up, and let's not talk about those extra chins that have started to appear!

I was discussing with someone today how children love looking at photos and I realised I want my daughters to have pictures of me to look at, preferably with them in it too! When I was a child I loved looking at my Mothers photo albums and the thing that I remember most isn't whether she was overweight or if she'd had her hair done (although some of the clothes were pretty funny), it's the way she's looking at us or holding us that's important.

One day I won't be here any more, hopefully that day is more than 50 years away, but I want them to have lots of pictures of me and to see me holding them the way my Mum held us.

Most of all I want them to know how loved they are.


Allan said...

Loved this Carolyn.

Here's a link you may enjoy:

Carolyn said...

I loved that article Allan! I can definitely relate to what she's written. I wasn't aware of ivillage either but I like it.