Saturday, July 20, 2013

Arrow: Action, Amell and Abs

Everyone has their guilty pleasure right?

At the moment mine is the TV show Arrow.

The long-advertised Arrow finally premiered in Australia in April with the highest debut for a new American show this year, with more viewers than Elementary or The Following had when they debuted.

Why then does the nine network keep changing the TV schedule?  

At a time when networks are losing viewers to piracy or online streaming it seems strange to keep taking a show off air rather than letting it build on the following it already has. Out of sheer frustration I ended up downloading the entire Season 1, although I am watching it again when Ch 9 does actually air it (14 weeks after the initial air date and we're still only up to Episode 9).

So here's my 3 top reasons why you should be watching Arrow: 

1. Action
There's lots of action sequences on Arrow and they can have a surprisingly movie-like quality to them. In other words they're really well done.

2. Amell
Stephen Amell's portrayal of a rich guy who dons a hood and uses a bow and arrow in his pursuit of the bad guys who plague Starling City has a gritty realistic quality to it. Lead actor Stephen Amell has loads of talent and he's also a really nice guy. Few 'stars' interact with their fans the way he does via his almost daily Facebook posts of videos and pictures not to mention his Twitter account.

3. Abs
When it comes to male eye candy Stephen Amell's abs will send you into amelltdown.

If you haven't seen Arrow yet, and you like some action in your viewing,  now is a good time to join the ride. 

  Kinda amusing tweet from Channel Nine

And now for some more gratuitous Arrow pics:

There is also a Facebook page run by fans in Australia, which is a bit of fun. Join the Aus Arrowettes here.


Claire Hewitt said...

I can hardly keep up with my day, TV is the last thing I have on my list so I usually just watch whatever is on when I flick it on - except Sunday, 8.30, ABC, there is always something good on.

Carolyn said...

Claire on weeknights I don't get much chance for TV either. As a Family Day Care Educator I spend my evenings disinfecting tables, toys, floors etc, which all has to be done after my girls have gone to bed. I tend to pick one show and watch that until the Season ends and then watch something else.

You're right about Sunday nights though the ABC always has something good on. Tonight at 9.30 I watched First Footprints, a documentary about Australia's strange and ferocious mega fauna that went extinct during the last ice age, and it was really interesting.