Friday, July 19, 2013

The (new) Wiggles

On Monday I took the girls to see The Wiggles in concert for the very first time.

When I say "The Wiggles" I mean The new Wiggles as there are 3 new members, Emma, Lachy and Simon, who replaced Jeff, Greg/Sam and Murray when they retired.

My girls know a few of the older songs but they haven't heard much of the new stuff so I wasn't sure whether they would enjoy the show or not - I needn't have worried as they had a fantastic time.

The show opened with their favourite song 'Rock a bye your bear' - and its also the only song they know all the actions to - so we were off to a great start.

Annabelle stood up to dance and then she inched closer and closer to the stage just staring at the Wiggles (we were only 3 rows from the front) completely mesmerised.

I sent a tweet to the Wiggles before the show telling them Annabelle and Evie were excited to be seeing them in concert and when Emma Wiggle read out the message I thought Annabelle was going to pass out from excitement.

We all had a lovely day, I enjoyed the jokes aimed at the grown ups and the kids enjoyed dancing and watching the show.

I am a little Wiggled out now though as we bought a Wiggles DVD on the way out, which has been on repeat for the last 4 days! Everytime Annabelle watches it she says I love Emma, I wish I could give her a hug.

A successful day indeed.

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