Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Broken Wing

It's amazing how one little event can change everything.

Annabelle was having fun playing with her cousins when I heard her scream.

And the screaming didn't stop.

A quick trip to the hospital, followed by examinations and x-rays lead to emergency surgery on her elbow.

Apparently the injury was unusual, I think because she managed to break 2 bones on opposite sides of her elbow and dislocate a third, but the emergency was because of nerve damage. We're hoping it will fix itself and it isn't anything permanent.

I spent 2 nights in the hospital with Annabelle, sitting in a fairly uncomfortable chair, and I was really pleased with how well Evie coped without me as it's the first time we've spent a night apart.

The elbow is now wired together (I haven't told her she'll be back in hospital in 6 weeks to have the wires removed) and the arm is in a non-removable sling.

My two biggest challenges over the coming weeks are trying to find clothes that will fit around the sling and getting Annabelle to rest the arm - I'm not hopeful about her resting.

 Before surgery

 The morning after


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